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PROFILE: With over 15 years of post production experience, I have gained an intimate knowledge of the Entertainment industry, with a unique editing style which has become industry recognized.

Ultimate Survival Alaska / Nat Geo Channel, Supervising Editor: Season 1,2 Once again tasked to lead an amazing team as we continue to ollow the exploits of 4 teams as they race across the wilds of Alaska.

Big Bad Wood / Nat Geo Channel, Supervising Editor: Season 1 Following the Exploits off rival tree companies as they battle it out in and around Boston Mass.

Swamp People / History Channel, Supervising Editor: Season 3 Continued to bring to life the harsh realities of Alligator hunting at its core. Season 3 saw a demanding 22 episodes under a tight schedule.

SwampsGiving / History Channel, Finishing Editor: Special AThanksgiving precursor for Swamp People. Extolling Family life on the Bayou.

MudCats / History Channel, Editor / Finishing Editor: Season 1 Had the privilege of helping shape the look and feel for Season 1. Oklahoma Catfish Noodling at its best.

Swamp People / History Channel, Editor: Season 2 Following the exploits of Alligator hunters and their way of life in southern Luisiana.

Whale Wars / Animal Planet, Editor: Season 3 Season 3 of this highly acclaimed Docu-Reality adventure featuring the exploits of the Sea Shepherds.

Dads of Atlanta / VH1, Editor: Network Pitch Reality promo featuring celebrity Dads from Atlanta.

Mother Turckers / , Editor: Network Pitch Reality pitch featuring female truck drivers across America

Ghost Lab / Discovery, Editor: Season 1 A one hour episodic following the paranormal adventures of the Klinge Brothers.

Whale Wars / Animal Planet, Editor: Season 2 The highly anticipated return of Animal Planet’s docu-reality series. Highest rated show with the most viewers on a single night for Animal Planet.

Jockeys / Animal Planet, Editor: Season 1 A docu- reality about the life of Jockeys on and off the race track.

Adrenalin Rush Hour / Discovery, Editor: Season 1 High action and fast paced magazine format show. Completed first round of graphic open as well as teasers in addition to editing.

Whale Wars / Animal Planet, Editor: Season 1 New flagship show, a docu-reality about the adventures of the Sea Shepherds, the most extreme ocean advocates.

Hawaii Mauli Ola / Hawaii PBS, Lead Editor. Season 1 Ground breaking one hour series focusing on Hawaiian’s in modern society. First weekly series broadcast entirely in the Hawaiian language. Handled all aspects of Post from editing through the finishing process.

Worlds Most Amazing Videos / Spike TV, Editor. Season 4 Edited this award winning magazine format series.

Imiloa Astronamy Center / OC16, Editor: Commercail Intro Commercial for Hawaii’s astronomy center.

Hawaiian Beauty and Bath / OC16, Editor: Commercial Straight forward product commerical.

America’s Hottest Mom / ABC (Sokelobo), Editor: Network Pitch Had the extreme privilege of editing the ABC Pitch for Americas Hottest Mom working under an exhausting schedule of under a week, turned out over three different versions that met with network approval.

My Very Own / MTV, Editor: Season 1 From “Punked” producer Billy Rainy, a reality dating show based on the concept of dating your favorite rock star.

Marriage 911 / FOX, Editor: Season 1 A spin of off Nanny 911. Nannies deal with troubled marriages.

Nanny 911/ FOX, Editor: Season 1/2 Troubled Children of America watch out! The British nannies are here!

Renovate My Family / FOX, Assoc. Editor: Season 1 A complete family makeover show.

SKILLS: I have extensive training on several of the Avid systems, including the new Adrenaline and Symphony systems (Composer, Adrenaline Systems, Discrete). Highly skilled in FinalCut Pro HD as well as Abobe Creative suite (After Effects, Etc). Color Correction and sound design are my specialty.
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