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Productivity always comes in  spurts and sputters.  It's not on tap where you can just start with an open mind and productivity flows through you well at least for me its a process. I don’t always feel productive but when I do there is nothing that can stop me. Here are some ways in which to recognize your not being productive.


GB Hajim of “ Planet one prod.”

It still continues to amaze me when old contacts suddenly
reach out to call you from past projects. I recently received a
call from an old client and fellow comrade in the post production
business here in the big island of Hawaii.
In between large projects I usually try and create smaller projects
to try an idea out or test a new style of editing , mainly to
keep myself busy- I had contacted GB several years ago when I
first had the idea of starting to produce the { Flash Frame }
podcasts. And armed with a small audio recorder and an old 3
Pixel cam, I met him at his budding studios.

A moment with...GB HAJIM from AXIS MEDIA on Vimeo.

An animator by trade, he has been deeply involved in creating a
viable animation house on the island that can compete with
mainland studios. Not withstanding his own talent, he also
teaches the film and video class at UH Hilo. Introducing this
new field to the local students, he has not only provided many
new career opportunities but also a new creative outlet that few
have known about till now.
His company Planet One prod. has recently finished construction
of a world class animation and production house just
north of Hilo.

The small podcast I did on him was completed several years
ago and shows him hard at work making his feature sci fi animation
film “ Strange Frame”

Its always nice to get calls praising your past accomplishments.
Especially when they come from your fellow workers within the
industry. It just goes to show that you truly have no idea how
your products will eventually effect people so you have to strive
to do your very best on each and every project.
Each and every project you complete or attach your name to
should represent who you are and try to treat it like a calling card for work,
you never know when the actions of your past projects will show
themselves to help you in your current state.

Ask your self, what does the work I create today say about me or my creativity?
We have no idea what the future may bring. Sometimes I get lost in
the art of creating and forget to remind myself to look over
the details and pay attention and be present for the creating of
the work. Such calls and praise can serve as a reminder to pay
attention to the details. The devil after all is in the details. Pay
attention, for you may never know who is viewing your work, and
it may prove to bring you work in the future.


AVID 4.0 sneak peak!

AVID 4.0 sneak peak!

I had the pleasure of attending LAFCPUG’s Avid 2 Step Last Night with special guest speaker Walter Murch.
The debate between FCP and Avid continues but as these two editing platforms grow with age and offer editors faster solutions, both have become tried and trusted tools for the Editor.
The evening was filled with surprises with appearances by Shane Ross of Little Frog in High Def. as well as Steve Cohen who has been helping Avid design their interface from the very start. I have to say it was a treat seeing the new features in Avid 4.0 unveiled.

One of the things that come up on a daily basis in my edit bay is the inability to drag a clip with an effect attached to it. As soon as you move a clip in the sequence that has, say a cross dissolve on either side of the clip, the transition disappears!

Well, now native to 4.0 you can select a clip with dissolves either in your source timeline or your record side and the dissolve stays with the clip. Even in trim mode or even from inserting from another sequence! I cant tell you how may times I have had to go back to an early sequence and lift out sections only to be told by avid “unable to complete -falls on transition error” well, no more!! We also learned about the Native Mix n Match capabilities of 4.0 adding anything from a pal dv clip to a HD clip with some 23 frame rate clips, add all that mix it up and able to play back smoothly! Certainly Avid has been paying attention to our needs as editors and I look forward to seeing what future versions have in store.

It was great to here from so many knowledgeable people about the inner workings of the new avid and how it relates to Final cut Pro. The highlight of the evening was hearing from one of my personal heroes of editing, Walter Murch. Mr Murch is in Los Angeles working on a new film, the first on Avid in a very Long time. He spoke briefly about the challenges moving between both systems. He also reaffirmed my belief that both FCP and Avid are tools to be used in the act of creating they are not an end to the means.

Here are some highlights from last nights meeting:


On a recent episode of South Park Matt Parker and Trey Stone pulled no punches as they went after the show Whale Wars. In a recent trend South Park attacked yet another one of cables hit shows. Having had the pleasure of working on both seasons of whale wars I was literally rolling on the floor. Its probably the highest honor I could have ever hoped for.



Recently came across a great resource from MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA-= INFRAME.TV I have been in contact with MATT HOPPER the creative director for COMPULSIVE and now his pet project born of love is gaining a lot of attention.

“ is a documentary based vodcast produced in Melbourne, Australia. We profile and explore original and arresting Australian and international talent working in art, design and culture. Our aim is to provide unprecedented access to the thoughts, insights, and inspirations of people who create.” website

Really stunned by the quality of work they’re putting into this project-